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Monday, December 8, 2014

December- Think Win Win


I Win, You Win, We Win
  • I balance courage for getting what I want, with consideration for what others want.
  • I make deposits into others' emotional bank accounts.
  • When conflicts arise, I look for other alternatives. 
In December, the counseling department at Addison Elementary School is finishing up lessons on bullying and focusing on the topic of friendship. Below are the lessons that we are teaching in the classrooms this month.
Kindergarten Lesson: How to lose all of your fiends
First Grade Lesson: Words that hurt friendships vs. Words that help friendships
Second Grade Lessons: Tattle Tongue: Reporting vs. Tattling & It's okay to make mistakes
Third Grade Lessons: Simon's Hook: How to deal with teasing and put-downs & Enemy Pie
Forth & Firth Grade Lessons: Bullying Part 2- 2nd lesson on bullying
Please ask your children about the counseling lessons they are learning at school to reinforce the skills we are teaching them. We thank you for all that you do!!

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